The premier web app integration program for ads

The world’s top brands and publishers can use Flite Hub apps to reduce the complexity and cost of delivering differentiated functionality in ads, and to enrich the toolset available for ad creation.

These powerful web apps can be integrated into your ads in minutes, and are highly configurable, allowing you to customize their look and feel so your brand’s messaging comes through clearly.

Flite Hub enables brands and publishers to program multi-screen ads with the web’s leading applications, making the ads more relevant and engaging, and improving campaign KPIs.

Partners can leverage Flite Hub to increase their exposure to some of the world’s leading brands, and explore a new channel for their services.

Flite Hub App Offerings – 3 Types of Flite Hub Apps –

Standard Flite Hub apps are available to all Design Studio customers by default. They can be dropped directly into an ad without any additional setup.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Form, Poll

To start using these apps, open Design Studio and select one of these apps from the Components Panel.

Premium Flite Hub apps are available to all customers upon request. These apps usually include functionality that has to be configured in collaboration with the app partner.

Channel Intelligence, Bazaarvoice, NewsCred

Contact your Flite account representative to learn more about what’s available or to activate a Premium app.

Flite Hub Solutions are app integrations that Flite builds for customers upon request, or that customers build themselves using the Flite Component Studio. Any app with a Flash or XML API can be integrated into a Flite ad. These app integrations are configurable and reusable, just like our Standard and Premium Flite Hub apps.

Contact your Flite account representative if you are interested in a Solutions integration.

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Flite Hub Partner: Channel Intelligence

Click a retailer logo to open the product purchase page on that retailer’s website.

Flite Hub Partner: TRUSTe

Click the AdChoices icon to manage your behavioral advertising preferences.

Flite Hub Partner: Aura Group

Your audience can search for theaters and showtimes directly within the ad.

Partner Testimonials

Flite takes MovieConnect to the next level as an app giving users the ability to now drop MovieConnect into an ad and configure it within minutes.

Dave Bailey,
The Aura Group

Flite is taking the lead in the display space by enabling ePrize sweepstakes and instant win games directly in banners.

Bob Marsh,
SVP Sales Strategy

Flite makes it very easy for brands to build a measurable path to purchase into their display campaigns.

Steve Roth,
VP, Digital Strategy
Channel Intelligence

TechTarget has been leveraging Flite’s cloud-based advertising platform in a variety of unique ways and most recently we’ve worked with Flite to build a completely new approach to social engagement for IT professionals, TechTarget’s Social Engage.

Jeff Ramminger,
SVP, Products & Search Strategy

Flite provides another compelling reason for brands to build an API: display ads that feature their products and content.

Roque Versace,
VP of Sales

We see the Flite partner program as a great way for us to scale up a new channel for our service. We’re building a Flite app that allows brands to quickly and easily build chat engagement into ads.

Dan Herman,


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