The leading real-time design tool for advertising in a multi-screen world.

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Multi-screen Advertising

Create ads for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers and apps.


Create interactive, animated HTML5 ads that run across popular desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers and app environments. And for older, legacy browsers, use Design Studio's Flash mode.

User-centric instead of device-centric

A full-featured user experience for your audience, no matter where they encounter the ad.

Interactive ads without having to code

We've taken care of the backend development so you can focus on being creative.

An Intuitive Studio for Real-time Design

Design in a familiar and flexible cloud-based environment.

Drag-and-drop live web components into your creative

Instantly preview how design elements will behave and display without resorting to placeholders.

The design features you need most

Enjoy a full-featured application with features like copy/paste, rulers, guides, Photoshop PSD and Illustrator SVG import, and tons of keyboard shortcuts.

A familiar environment

Design Studio’s intuitive workspace resembles the industry’s leading creative tools.

Content-Rich Interactive Advertising

Stream fresh content into ads. Include a wide range of functionality.

Publish content marketing to paid media

Stream live social and video content into ads in real-time.

Agile marketing

React to unexpected opportunities, test creative, and update your ads in real-time without having to swap ad tags.

IAB Rising Star templates

Get started quickly with these turnkey IAB templates, or create unique ads of any appearance, size or format. See a demo »

Backend web service API integration

Include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other third party API service right inside your multi-screen ads.

Video Walkthrough of Flite's Design Studio


The world’s top publishers use Flite to run their premium ad product businesses.  
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Real-time design tool for advertising in a multi-screen world.
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