Efficient, scalable, and multi-screen, Flite is the only SaaS ad platform powering both mobile and display advertising. As the leader in Paid Media Publishing, Flite allows advertisers to scale content marketing and web app functionality into their digital advertising. Marketers use the self-service Flite Platform to reduce the complexity and cost of delivering differentiated ad products that engage audiences. Agile marketers respond with agility to performance metrics and daily events, by updating your creatives with fresh content and functionality.

Flite customers enjoy more richly interactive ads, faster ad builds and shorter optimization cycles.

The Flite Platform serves, updates, and measures application-rich advertising in real-time:

  • Build ads for the web and mobile devices of any size, appearance or format including IAB Rising Stars.
  • Traffic and make live updates to campaigns and streamline your ad operations.
  • Measure and optimize performance in real-time using the industry’s most comprehensive online advertising analytics tools.
  • Extend your ads with powerful web apps like video, social media, content galleries, polls, images, and real-time content. Publish directly into your ad units and deliver engaging user experiences.

Flite Video - Ad Innovation at Scale

Flite delivers ads in real-time:

Update live campaigns instantly without any impact to the media plan or ad tags.

Match the audience’s expectation for relevant, fresh content.

Track performance up to the moment or across the life of the campaign.

Flite ads are applications:

Enable consumers to watch, socialize, vote, register, buy, redeem, chat, and interact with a brand’s core applications directly in online ads.

Reduce the complexity and cost of delivering premium ad products through turnkey apps and ad templates including IAB Rising Stars, or create your own.

Flite’s platform is fully in the cloud:

Build, update, and measure from the web.

Collaborate with small to large teams with an adaptive workflow.

Ensure access to the latest ad technology with weekly updates to your software subscription.

Who are Flite’s Customers?

The world’s top publishers, brands, and agencies, including LinkedIn, Forbes, P&G, Condé Nast, Charles Schwab, and Starcom MediaVest Group are wowing their customers with Flite.

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Who is Flite for?

Publishers who have moved past selling only their audience alone and need a platform to build products on.

Advertisers who want to connect to their audience, not just find them.

Designers who need tools that empower creativity without limiting their output.

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Flite is the only SaaS platform provider for both desktop and mobile display ads.  
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